Padraig Gleeson (admin)



07 Sep 2017

17:12 MultiTest Revision cd0eaf24: Regererated using add_targeted_projection for everything (only diff soma_group...
17:09 OpenCortex Revision 432dbf78: Fix for tests
14:56 OpenCortex Revision bbf742e5: Improved handling of add_targeted_projection() for point neurons
Update to v0.1.5
14:31 MultiTest Revision 16bdf173: Adding example, B2, with exc inputs targeting dendrites
12:55 MultiTest Revision afc6e1ad: Regenrated standard examples
11:24 MultiTest Revision 661fab74: Better HH cell
@sdrsd note, not using the point cells in HH/, rather AllenHH/, since
the former are tuned at diameter 50um and the l...
08:33 MultiTest Revision fa2a30ff: Adding L23Pyr to notebook

06 Sep 2017

17:51 MultiTest Revision 24dee667: Updated notebook for latest cells
13:01 CA1 Network Model - Bezaire et al 2016 Revision b1e06d4c: Merge branch 'development' of into development
* 'development' of
plots shown again
13:01 CA1 Network Model - Bezaire et al 2016 Revision b1d89113: Runs on NSGR...