Bluehive Showcase

Bluehive and OSB interactions

Discussion of the options for running models from OSB (and any other models expressed in LEMS/NeuroML2) on the Bluehive hardware being developed in Cambridge.

Some of these points may be applicable to other FPGA based simulator systems.

Overview of Bluehive system

Information on the current status of the Bluehive system can be found in presentations by Steve Marsh (PDF) and Paul Fox (PPT) at the 2013 OSB kickoff meeting

More information…

Potential OSB models to test on Bluehive hardware

Some of the potential models on OSB which could be tried out on Bluehive include:

Note that a Google Summer of Code project for the INCF will start soon when a student will be specifically looking at converting large scale cortical models to NeuroML/PyNN and putting them on OSB:,

These networks will be exactly the type needed for testing with Bluehive and comparing to other simulators.


Libraries which can be used for code generation, testing, etc.

Extended org.neuroml.export package which exports VFGEN format, to generate C/C++…


A meeting will take place in Cambridge on Monday 22nd July to discuss this work and future directions.

Other simulator systems based on FPGA