CA1 Oriens Lacunosum Moleculare - Lawrence et al. 2006

CA1 Oriens Lacunosum Moleculare: Lawrence et al, 2006

Versions of the project


Download and extract the archive and then under
Compile the mod files by running mknrndll and changing to the extracted folder and selecting to create the nrnmech.dll. Then double click on the mosinit.hoc file
Compile the mod files by running nrnivmodl in the extracted folder. Then run "nrngui mosinit.hoc"
mac os x:
Drag and drop the extracted folder onto the mknrndll icon. Drag and drop the mosinit.hoc file from the extracted folder onto the nrngui icon.

Once the simulation starts you can create subplots of Fig 9 by clicking the appropriately labeled buttons or you can create the whole figure by clicking the create all of fig 9 button (lower right in control box).

Note: The variable step method was used in this demo, if you would like to run the simulation as in the publication you can run cvode_active(0).