CA1 pyramidal cell - Ferguson et al. 2014

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Padraig Gleeson, 17 Mar 2016 09:20

CA1 pyramidal cell - Ferguson et al. 2014

Ferguson KA, Huh CY, Amilhon B, Williams S, Skinner FK (2014) Simple, biologically-constrained CA1 pyramidal cell models using an intact, whole hippocampus context. F1000Res 3:104

Izhikevich-based models of CA1 pyramidal cells, with parameters constrained based on a whole hippocampus preparation. Strongly and weakly adapting models based on the experimental data have been developed. Code produces example model output.

Original Brian scripts for model

These files are the original model scripts for use with the Brian simulator as submitted to ModelDB.

To run the scripts, install Brian (version 1) and run:

git clone # Clone this GitHub repository
cd FergusonEtAl2014-CA1PyrCell/Brian