Neocortical modelling

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Padraig Gleeson, 30 Apr 2014 14:57


This page was created during the 2013 OSB Hackathon to outline the important next steps towards community developed models of the neocortex.

Analysing channels on ModelDB: linking reused channels
How do we check these? Tim Vogels work\_id=12051&search\_keyword=vogels&key\_start\_disp\_num=0&key\_disp\_num=10 ?

(Post meeting: new page with info on converting NEURON model/mod files to NeuroML:

Comparison between L5 cells
We need an updated L5 cell at level of detail of Traub
Chaitanya has started a GitHub repo for this:

Consolidating cell models between projects: improving metadata in cells/channels; making it easier to plug in other models.

Demo of pipeline from exp data via optimisation too to new model (see:

AP: Angus will contact Matthew Larkum/Stephen Wilson re dual recordings L5

AP: Richard: some code on Github repo for mutlti comp AdEx cells