Connection Set Algebra Showcase


More details on the Connection Set Algebra can be found here.

Installation of CSA

Either install the latest stable version from here, or get the latest code with:

svn co
cd csa
sudo python install

Clone the CSA Showcase project

Get a local copy of this project from OSB with:

git clone
cd CSAShowcase


Basic CSA example

A simple example can be run be run with

cd CSA

This should produce a view of the generated network as follows:

CSA example using PyNN

Another example illustrates the interaction of CSA and PyNN. The following code:

python pynn\ nest

will generate and run the example on NEST, while this:

python pynn\ neuroml2

will generate the network and save the structure in NeuroML 2 format.

For more details on how NeuroML 2 an PyNN work together, see here.