FPGA Based Simulations Showcase

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Georgios Smaragdos, 23 Sep 2016 11:32

Information on running neuronal simulations on FPGAs


Bluehive project

For more details, see here: http://www.opensourcebrain.org/projects/bluehive-showcase

Si Elegans project

For more details, see here: http://www.si-elegans.eu/

BrainFrame Project

For More Details See here: http://erasmusbrainproject.com/index.php/themes/brainframe

Other systems

A Large-Scale Spiking Neural Network Accelerator for FPGA Systems Systems
Kit Cheung, Simon R. Schultz, Wayne Luk, Imperial College London

A Biologically Plausible Real-time Spiking Neuron Simulation Environment Based on a Multiple-FPGA Platform
Shufan Yang, TM McGinnity, University of Ulster

An FPGA-based approach to high-speed simulation of conductance-based neuron models
E. L. Graas, E. A. Brown, Robert H. Lee, Emory University/Georgia Institute of Technology