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This project will contain examples of the Izhikevich spiking neuron model.

### Installation

To get local clone of this project…

### Versions of the project

The original model in [MATLAB format](http://izhikevich.org/publications/figure1.m) has been converted to a number of other formats.

#### PyNN

Tested with simulators: NEURON…

#### NeuroML 2

The XML for an Izhikevich model in NeuroML v2.0 is below:

<code class="xml">
<izhikevichCell id="TonicSpiking" v0 = "-70mV" thresh = "30mV" a ="0.02" b = "0.2" c = "-65.0" d = "6" Iamp="0" Idel="0ms" Idur="2000ms"/></code>

For full examples of single cells see [TonicSpiking](/projects/izhikevichmodel/repository/entry/neuroConstruct/cellMechanisms/TonicSpiking/TonicSpiking.nml) or [PhasicBursting](/projects/izhikevichmodel/repository/entry/neuroConstruct/cellMechanisms/PhasicBursting/PhasicBursting.nml)

Tested with simulators: …

### Comparison to original model behaviour

table{border:1px solid black}.
{background:\#ddd}. |**Model**|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; **Label** &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; |&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; **PyNN** &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; |**Model**|**Label** |**PyNN** |**NeuroML** | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; **NeuroML** &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; **Comments** |
|Tonic spiking | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;A |(a) &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;A&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; |OK | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Phasic spiking| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;B |(a) |OK | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Tonic bursting| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;C |(b) |OK | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(b) | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Phasic bursting| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;D |(a) |OK | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Mixed mode| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;E |(a) |OK | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Spike freq. adapt.| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;F |(a) |OK | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Class 1 excitable| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;G |(d, e)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a, e) |not yet implemented| OK (although new ComponentType [generalizedIzhikevichCell](https://github.com/OpenSourceBrain/IzhikevichModel/blob/master/NeuroML2/GeneralizedIzhikevichCell.xml) required)| Different model parameterization |
|Class 2 excitable| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;H |(d)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;© | |not yet implemented| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Spike latency | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I |(b)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(b) |OK| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK| Requires modified pulse amplitude for more pronounced spike latency at smaller dt |
|Subthresh. osc.| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;J |(a)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) |OK| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK| |
|Resonator| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;K |(a)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | |not yet implemented| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Integrator| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;L |(e)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a, e) | |not yet implemented| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK (although new ComponentType [generalizedIzhikevichCell](https://github.com/OpenSourceBrain/IzhikevichModel/blob/master/NeuroML2/GeneralizedIzhikevichCell.xml) required)| Different model parameterization|
|Rebound spike| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;M |(a)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | |OK| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Rebound burst| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;N |(a)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | |OK| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Threshold variability| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;O |(a)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a) | |not yet implemented| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK ||
|Bistability| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;P |(b)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(b) |OK| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK | Requires a slightly altered time of 2nd spike to ensure bistability at smaller dt |
|Depolarizing after-potential| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Q |(b)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(b) | |PROBLEM| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK| Matches if changed b from 0.2 to 0.18|
|Accomodation| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;R |(d)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(a)| |not yet implemented| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK (although new ComponentType [accomodationIzhikevichCell](https://github.com/OpenSourceBrain/IzhikevichModel/blob/master/NeuroML2/GeneralizedIzhikevichCell.xml) required)| Different model parameterization|
|Inhibition-induced spiking| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;S |(a)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;©| |PROBLEM| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;OK| Response depending on the time step|
|Inhibition-induced bursting| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;T |(b) |PROBLEM | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(f)| &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PROBLEM| Response diverging on PyNN and depending on the time step on NeuroML|