Morris Lecar Model

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Morris Lecar Model Neuron

GitHub repository for an OSB project containing the Morris Lecar model.

This attempts to reproduce the model as defined here (<morrisLecarWCell>). Note: the Scholarpedia formulation of the model (<morrisLecarSCell>) is slightly different.

The model ComponentType definition(s) will be moved to the core set of NeuroML2 definitions when stable!


To get a local copy of this project install git and type:

git clone
cd MorrisLecarModel/NeuroML2

Test the project

Install jNeuroML 2, see here. Remember to set the JNML_HOME environment variable.

Run the example cell with:

jnml Run_MorrisLecarWCell.xml

You should get the trace below (*note: this is not identical to Figure 4 in Morris & Lecar 1981

The definition in LEMS, MorrisLecarWCell.xml, currently uses the formalism outlined here):