CA1 Pyramidal Sublayer Microcircuit - Lee et al 2014

This model examines the interactions between the pyramidal cells of the superficial and deep layers of CA1. It is featured in: Lee et al., 2014. Specifically, this model shows how the experimentally observed differences in synapse strength and number between PV+ basket cells and either superficial and deep pyramidal cells could have significant effects at the network level.

A number of elements of the model are available in the repository. More will be added in time. The original NEURON code will be used as the basis of the conversion to NeuroML/neuroConstruct.

Developer: Padraig Gleeson

Scientific Coordinator: Marianne Bezaire, Sang-Hun Lee

The original published version of this model is available on ModelDB

This model was originally developed in: NEURON

The code for this model is hosted on Bitbucket: