NIF and NeuroLex Showcase


This showcase project is intended to highlight some of the interactions possible between OSB and NIF/NeuroLex.

OSB in NeuroLex

There is an entry for OSB itself in NeuroLex:\_Source\_Brain.

OSB models can be found on NIF

All OSB models can be found on NIF:\_152590&dis=Open%20Source%20Brain&t=indexable&nif=nlx\_152590-1&b=0&r=20

As long as models on OSB have the custom field NeuroLex Ids: Cells set with the correct id of a NeuroLex entry, a search for this entity on NIF will get a list of the models on OSB with that cell type:\_128&dis=Cerebellar%20granule%20cell&t=indexable&nif=nlx\_152590-1&b=0&r=20