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Padraig Gleeson, 30 Apr 2014 14:57


To get a lcoal copy of this repository install Git and type:

git clone

There is a directory with examples from NineML, and one with SpineML, a related language.

There is also a local copy of the NineML Schema file, against which the *.9ml files are valid.

To regenerate these files, get a copy of the latest development NeuroML 2 code using the getNeuroML utility of jNeuroML:

git clone git:// neuroml_dev/jNeuroML
cd neuroml_dev/jNeuroML
python development

and a regenerated version of these files should be in neuroml_dev/org.neuroml.export/src/test/resources/tmp. Edit to generate more NineML/SpineML files from LEMS. This functionality will be put in the main jNeuroML utility, jnml in an upcoming version.