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OSB Workshop: Building and sharing models of the cortex
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### Alghero, Sardinia, 14-16 May 2014
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This meeting will be the second main meeting of the Open Source Brain initiative (http://www.opensourcebrain.org).
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The focus of this meeting will be on cortical cell & network models at all levels of detail from integrate & fire to detailed multicompartmental models. While modellers of other areas are more than welcome, we hope to get a critical mass of cortical modellers and experimentalists together.
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Dates: **9am Wednesday 14th - 5pm Friday 16th May, 2014**
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Location: [Hotel Calabona](http://www.hotelcalabona.com/), [Alghero](http://www.alghero-turismo.it/en/), Sardinia
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Local organisers: [Sergio Solinas](/users/23), Irene Solinas
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Organising committee: [Padraig Gleeson](/users/4), [Eugenio Piasini](/users/3), [Angus Silver](/users/6), [Boris Marin](/users/67)
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### Focus of meeting
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The focus of this meeting will be on **open source multicompartmental, conductance based cortical cell & network models**.
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There are an increasing number of multicompartmental, conductance based (thalamo)cortical cell models being made available and reused/modified by interested parties to address different scientific questions. An example is the [Traub et al 2005 thalamocortical network model](http://www.opensourcebrain.org/projects/thalamocortical) for which Fortran, NEURON, MOOSE and NeuroML versions have been developed in various labs. This meeting was to look at the range of models out there from the neocortex and thalamus which are interesting for multiple parties and work towards getting these onto public, open source repositories, in standardised formats (NeuroML & potentially PyNN) and get them well tested, annotated and ready for use as research tools by the attendees and the wider community.
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### Enquiries
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If you have any enquiries about this meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact: [p.gleeson@ucl.ac.uk](mailto:p.gleeson@ucl.ac.uk).