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Neuronal networks in the brain are composed of multiple, intersecting loops. In most cases, the activity in these loops synchronise spontaneously driving a pulsing activity in local networks. The methods to detect, analyse, and reproduce this specific operative state of large loops have been significantly improved in recent years. Specifically, Magneto Encephalography, functional MRI and electroencephalography allowed to collect data at different scales in time and space that shed light on distinct aspects of neuronal activity. The computational neuroscience tools are so far the most powerful method to integrate these data into a coherent model. In turn, the computational model can predict the modes of interaction of oscillatory activity with the resonant mechanisms intrinsically present in synapses, single cells and network structures. This symposium aims to cluster, within the framework of OPEN SOURCE Brain initiative (http://www.opensourcebrain.org), neuroscientists actively working on the emergence or induction of oscillatory activity in neuronal network to promote the integration of models and data analysis tools in this field.
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### Confirmed speakers
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[Michele Migliore](http://www.pa.ibf.cnr.it/personale/migliore/index.html), National Research Council, Italy & Yale University School of Medicine, USA
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[Ole Paulsen](http://noggin.pdn.cam.ac.uk/Group/OlePaulsen), University of Cambridge, UK
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### Provisional Agenda
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#### Friday 16th May, Morning Session
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{background:\#ddd}. | |**Morning Session** | |
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| Ole Paulsen | | Oscillations and resonance in hippocampal neurons. |
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| Michele Migliore || Modeling the effects of electric fields from power lines on hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons. |
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*Organiser: [Sergio Solinas](/users/23.*)