Pyloric pacemaker network - Prinz et al. 2003/04


This project contains a neuroConstruct project which generates a version of the pyloric pacemaker model. The channel models have been converted to ChannelML and the network can be exported to:

This is based on work by Aditya Gilra, Boris Marin and Padriag Gleeson. A unified version of the neuroConstruct model is in the top level neuroConstruct folder.

Aditya Gilra's original implementation of the pyloric pacemaker model of the lobster somatogastric ganglion
system in the AdityaGilraMOOSEnC folder.

The 3 cell network is for fig 3d from :
Similar network activity from disparate circuit parameters
Astrid A Prinz, Dirk Bucher & Eve Marder
Nature Neuroscience 7, 1345 - 1352, 2004

The cell models and channel mechanisms are from:
Alternative to Hand-Tuning Conductance-Based Models: Construction and Analysis of Databases of Model Neurons
Astrid A. Prinz, Cyrus P. Billimoria, and Eve Marder,
J Neurophysiol 90: 3998–4015, 2003

The same cell is used as the basis for 3 cells AB_PD, LP and PY with different channel densities,
connected in the pyloric rhythm generator network specified in Fig 3d of Prinz, Bucher and Marder, 2004 above.
Differences from the original model: synapses are thresholded rather than graded.

This is in the neuroConstruct_alt directory and currently runs on MOOSE buildQ branch.

Boris Marin’s version:

Electrophysiological data comes from this article: Gina Turrigiano, Gwendal LeMasson, and Eve Marder
Selective regulation of current densities underlies spontaneous changes in the activity of cultured neurons
Journal of Neuroscience, 15(5 Pt 1), 3640–52, 1995

Model transcribed from this article: Astrid A. Prinz, Vatsala Thirumalai, and Eve Marder
The functional consequences of changes in the strength and duration of synaptic inputs to oscillatory neurons
Journal of Neuroscience, 23(3), 943–54, 2003