SpecNet - Sadeh et al 2015

The model simulates large-scale inhibition-dominated spiking networks with different degrees of recurrent specific connectivity. It shows how feature-specific connectivity leads to a linear amplification of feedforward tuning, as reported in recent electrophysiological single-neuron recordings in rodent neocortex. Moreover, feature-specific connectivity leads to the emergence of feature-selective reverberating activity, and entails pattern completion in network responses.
1 . Sadeh S, Clopath C, Rotter S (2015) Processing of Feature Selectivity in Cortical Networks with Specific Connectivity. PLoS One 10:e0127547 [PubMed]

Scientific Coordinator: Sadra Sadeh

The original published version of this model is available on ModelDB

This model was originally developed in: Python

The code for this model is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/sdrsd/SpecNet.git