Thomas Suslak

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Developer, 13 Nov 2013

27 Jan 2015

10:20 dbdflymodel Revision c1f77ee3: Create model2.0
In this updated version, the model now represents additional ionic currents, thought to exist in stretch-sensitive en...

15 Nov 2013

11:24 dbdflymodel Revision 29809a07: Update model

13 Nov 2013

16:04 dbdflymodel Suslak_et_al_2011_Network.pdf
Original paper for this model
16:02 dbdflymodel crayfishsim.m
MATLAB model file
15:58 dbdflymodel Revision 3a154c6f: Update
15:56 dbdflymodel Revision 36ab3912: Model file
15:53 dbdflymodel Revision 59a42e39: first commit