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User projects

I&F granule cell model - Rothman & Piasini
Manager, 12 Nov 2020
Cerebellar Granule cell modelling
Manager, 12 Nov 2020
Balanced network with inhibitory plasticity - Vogels et al. 2011
Developer, 26 Nov 2014
Developer, 16 Mar 2020

26 Aug 2021

20:43 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision ffee77b0: feat: tweak description parser util function
Bold text looks better in the docs than the emphasised text
17:01 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 09cf7f6d: feat: print out components that do not match b/w xml and xsd files

25 Aug 2021

02:39 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 90efa47c: chore: update XSD from docs from XML defs
02:29 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 963ae48e: feat: update Readme
02:29 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision e333007b: feat: add script to copy docs from XML defs to XSD
02:03 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 56014efb: chore: run schema through xmllint

24 Aug 2021

19:54 NeuroMLlite Showcase Revision e1c20477: docs: init
Initialise API documentation.

16 Aug 2021

15:49 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 4b8e3f83: feat: add documentation to populationList's text attribute

22 Apr 2021

19:36 test-nwbexplorer Revision 315a1948: chore(linting): minor flake8 noted fixes
Fixes a few niggles pointed out by flake8: white spaces, indentation,
unused imports.
19:34 test-nwbexplorer Revision d3018b58: chore(linting): add flake8 config file
Ignores E501 (line too long)