Ankur Sinha



User projects

I&F granule cell model - Rothman & Piasini
Manager, 12 Nov 2020
Cerebellar Granule cell modelling
Manager, 12 Nov 2020
Balanced network with inhibitory plasticity - Vogels et al. 2011
Developer, 26 Nov 2014
Developer, 16 Mar 2020

10 Dec 2021

13:12 NeuroMLlite Showcase Revision 448e0a31: feat: get version information without importing module
Fixes #27

03 Dec 2021

16:12 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 9d676d40: Merge pull request #184 from NeuroML/feat/undo-old-schema-formatting
chore: undo formatting of older schema files
16:12 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 610b318c: chore: tweak formatter script
Only format the provided XSD file, not all of them.
16:02 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 66df2b6e: chore: undo formatting of older schema files

02 Dec 2021

22:31 Allen Institute & NeuroML Revision 18359456: chore: add requirements file
22:16 Allen Institute & NeuroML Revision 98148bf2: chore: update maxint to maxsize for py3

19 Nov 2021

16:00 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision b4abfc7e: fix: ensure UTF-8 encoding

18 Nov 2021

22:36 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision d95f64f2: fix: correct output
I had it backwards..
[skip ci]
22:29 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 46be38ed: chore: remove comparer shell script
The python script that copies docs does the comparison also.
22:28 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 2500b1c1: chore: recopy docs to xsd