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I&F granule cell model - Rothman & Piasini
Manager, 12 Nov 2020
Cerebellar Granule cell modelling
Manager, 12 Nov 2020
Balanced network with inhibitory plasticity - Vogels et al. 2011
Developer, 26 Nov 2014
Developer, 16 Mar 2020

11 Jun 2021

16:51 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 70eb1fd9: feat: add helper script to compare XSD schema and LEMS defintion files
16:33 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 9e6a55d1: feat: copy over child element documentation from schema to LEMS xml
This ensures that this documentation ends up our documentation.
NOTE: This currently needs the development version o...

05 May 2021

20:45 test-nwbexplorer Revision 271a0bcc: fix(css): use lighter colour for comments in ipython cells
We now use #e0e0e0
Related to
20:45 test-nwbexplorer Revision 80682a39: fix(css): use background colour from palette for code cells
We now use #3c3c3c
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27 Apr 2021

22:39 test-nwbexplorer Revision e86640a8: fix(css): limit widget-label css to divs only
label.widget-label does not need their colour etc. to be modified. It
ends up as almost white on white.
Related to ...
22:39 test-nwbexplorer Revision 12f00724: fix(css): do not increase size of font in jupyter widgets
20:22 test-nwbexplorer Revision 6ac0f79a: chore(pydeps): bump nwbwidgets to 0.7.0
This is the latest version currently.

12 Mar 2021

12:10 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision f7ac32f9: enh: add issue template for questions on NeuroML

10 Mar 2021

16:24 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 93fe271a: enh: add badges to README
16:21 NeuroML2 Showcase Revision 479d42dc: fix: remove unneeded logic from CI