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Open Source Brain is a resource for sharing data and analysis techniques in neuroscience and collaboratively developing computational models of neural systems

Closing the loop between experiments and data-driven computational modeling

Understanding the brain will require gathering and analyzing a huge amount of data on the structure and dynamics of its parts. Computational models can help consolidate this knowledge and provide deeper insights into neuronal function.


OSB links to the best publicly accessible data sources from the global neuroscience community


Computational models from individual cells to whole brains can be built and compared to data using OSB

Analysis Code
Analysis Code

Advanced software for analyzing and visualizing data and models is preinstalled on OSB, and you can add your own!

Access from anywhere. It's all in the cloud.
Open Source Brain improves the accessibility, transparency, and reproducibility of models and facilitates their reuse by the wider community.

Repositories contain data and models from community-shared resources like GitHub, Figshare and DANDI

Workspaces are persistent online spaces where users can carry out and save their work. They can be private or shared with the community

Applications Open your workspaces in any of the supported OSB applications, such as NWB Explorer, NetPyNE and JupyterLab


Explore and analyse data and models in online interactive applications

OSB facilitates access to public resources in neuroscience (data, models, code) and allows them to be saved, modified and visualised in a number of interactive applications

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